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The BC Agriculture Water Calculator helps agriculture water users in British Columbia estimate the annual irrigation or livestock water demand for a farm. Irrigation water demand estimates are made based on the geographic location of the farm, as well as its soil type, crop type and type of irrigation. Livestock water demand estimates are made for a given number and type of animals.

Get started with irrigation water demand

Find your property by

searching for an address (above)


zooming in on the map.


Click your property on the map to select it.

The application will display a preliminary annual irrigation water demand estimate.


Adjust the soil, crop and irrigation parameters to update the estimate for your scenario.

Get started with livestock water demand

Click the Water Demand tab (above) and select Livestock.

2. Select the type and quantity of animal, and the number of days needing water. For multiple types of animals, click the 'Add another type of animal' button. The water demand estimate will be shown.

This calculator provides an estimate of peak irrigation flows and annual water demand for irrigation systems in the province of BC. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy and completeness of the information, the information should be considered as an estimate and not a final number. This website, its content contributors, the Government of Canada, the Government of British Columbia, the Investment Agriculture Foundation of BC, web-developers and any individuals or parties involved in the development and maintenance of the website are not liable to any damages to users' properties or irrigation management arising from the use of the information provided in the website.

Click a land parcel on the map to get started with the irrigation water demand report.
This report describes a custom polygon.

To report on a pre-defined land parcel, return to select cadastre mode.

Property ID (PID)
Property IDs (PIDs)
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Total area
Irrigated area
Irrigation type
Growing season
Irrigation season
Start: {{dayOfYearFormatter(report.irrigation.irrigationSeasonDayRange[0])}}
End: {{dayOfYearFormatter(report.irrigation.irrigationSeasonDayRange[1])}}
  {{report.irrigation.irrigationSeasonLengthDays}} days
Climate ID
Peak ET *
Peak Flow Rate **
Annual total
Show estimated monthly amounts
Estimated demand by month§Hide
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More information

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Crop Conversion Factor
Soil Conversion Factor
Irrigation Conversion Factor

* ET: evapotranspiration

** Peak Flow Rate: The peak irrigation system flow rate as determined from the Peak ET rate and the irrigated area.

§ Estimated irrigation water demand by month. The irrigation season is highlighted in green

Standardized Irrigation Water Demand: Annual Irrigation Water Demand, shown as a depth, for the default soil, crop and irrigation types.

Adjusted Irrigation Water Demand: Annual Irrigation Water Demand, shown as a depth, with soil, crop and irrigation adjustments applied to the Standardized Irrigation Water Demand.

Type of animal
Daily water demand
Number of animals
Days needing water (per year)
Annual water demand

Generate and download a report that can be printed or submitted as part of a water licence application.



If you plan to submit this map with a water licence application, please be sure to annotate the map with details relevant to your water system. Use the drawing tools below to place annotations on the map. Refer to the Water Application Drawing Standards for more information.

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